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Vigen Products for All Your Needs

Top & top 8500   

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Arranged with 112 specially made “Hygiea” ceramic balls which maximizes the infrared effects to fully match all of one’s body acupuncture points. The “Hygiea” ceramic balls are used to massage at all critical points of the spine.

The Top&Top 8500 model comes with a specially modified neck piece which assist in the blood circulation on the neck where most of the body’s nerves gather.

The “Hygiea” ceramic balls is specially made with the combination of 19 kinds of natural ores which generate 98.6% far-infrared rays.


Experience the world’s first Invention Physiotherapy bed

[Features of Vigen]

  • Natural mineral synthetic emitter

  • Application of far-infrared massage function moving along the curvature of the spine(Invention patent technology)

  • The world’s first invention patented neck(cervical) massage function applied

  • Applied moxibustion function(the main blood point of human body)

  • Equipped with ultra-long waves to help blood circulation which is most common disease in modern people(Top&Top 8500)

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