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Vigen Products for All Your Needs


[Hygiea Mat]

The “Hygiea” Mat uses the same special “Hygiea” ceramics which consists of 19 kinds of natural ores. The “Hygiea” Mat helps enhance your immunity by raising your body temperature by deeply penetrating your body with the special 98.6% far-infrared rays.


Far-infrared energy generator combined with minerals!

Supporting energy for a healthier life

  • A study from Ajou University showed six excellent effects!

(Metabolism promotion, Five elements, Rotating electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave prevention, Effective in blocking the harmful effects of water flowing underground, Meridian circulation)

  • Korea Far-Infrared Association Test Result – 4 additional effects proved!

(E. coli-Pseudomonas aeruginosa, deodorization, incense mold, infrared radiation)

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