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[Alkaline Water]

Alkaline water is composed of alkaline and active hydrogen as well. It removes the oxygen free radical in our body then makes us treatment and prevention of disease. It is water that activates the natural healing power by washing the acid waste products of the body and restored the immune system. Smart Alkaline water is much faster absorption into the cells because particle size is small than regular water more than one-third. This makes it much better the water principle like nutrients into cells and discharge waste products from the body well. If you did not drink the water in the usual, you can drink more water than usual because of small water particles.

Experience the amazing effects of The Vigen Alkaline Water Purifier


* Removes active Oxygens, which is a source of many diseases

* Produces water with the rejuvenating power to cure and prevent disease

* Mineral-rich-water

* Near hexagonal Water

* Antioxidant Water

* Enhanced level of immunity

* Water can prevent 80% of all disease


[Alkaline water academic research papers]

  • Kyoto Univ. – Prove osteoporosis prevention and therapeutic effect

  • Seoul Nat’l Univ. – Improve constipation

  • Yonsei Univ. – Cancer cell growth inhibition and body fat reduction effect

  • Yonsei Univ. – Preventing and improving myocardial infraction and gout

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